Our Pastor

Pastor Dave and his wife Jayme

Pastor Dave Chenoweth is the pastor at The First Baptist Church of Blue Hill.  He is married to the former Jayme Brennan, whose father, Jay (John) Brennan, M.Div., M.Ed., is the teaching pastor at First Baptist Church of Dexter.  David and Jayme have five children, all boys:  Samuel, 10 years; Caleb, 8 years; Levi, 6 years, Jesse, 4 years and Micah John is their latest addition.

Pastor Chenoweth has a Certificate of Missions from Mountainside Missionary Training Center with International Messengers, an Associate Degree in Ministry, and plans to resume his graduate studies at Grace Evangelical Seminary in Bangor to complete his higher education.  His most recent pastorate was at Pleasant Street Christian Church in Corinna, where, in addition to his preaching duties, he administered baptisms and holy communion, presided over weddings and funerals, was involved in weekly home and hospital visitation, facilitated weekly prayer meetings and assisted in administering the Vacation Bible School program, among many other undertakings.

Pastor Chenoweth describes his ministry philosophy the following way. “As Christians, we need to allow scripture’s authority to instruct us what to believe and how to live without exception.  Only as we are exposed to the full teaching of the Bible will we savor Jesus Christ and be enabled to love Him and live for Him in our changing culture.  Therefore, as we grow together, we should make every effort to keep journeying through the whole Bible as “a family together on mission” – the mission of spreading the Gospel in word and with demonstrable acts of compassion to people in need and then making disciples of those who believe in Jesus.

Jayme Chenoweth attended Gordon College, graduating with a B.A. in Biblical History in 2001. When she was young she had dreams of becoming a missionary.  She has been on mission trips to Honduras and Costa Rica.  She lived on a mountain in Costa Rica where she helped built homes for the homeless.  When she is not busy caring for their 5 children, Jayme works part-time for Global Study Connections, enjoys painting, reading her favorite authors and leading others in worship.  She has a special place in her heart for those who have been psychologically and spiritually abused and has spent extensive time studying and writing articles on the tactics and effects of spiritual and emotional abuse on victims. She now helps women who have been abused recover and thrive by helping them to find their identity in Christ and overcome their adversities. She is also knowledgeable in the subject of spiritual warfare and oppression.

The Chenoweths are eager to get established with a church which is conservative yet compassionate, Christ-centered, mission-minded and which seeks to be equipped to know, worship and serve God better and love people more. They are now becoming part of a congregation that wants to make a positive and meaningful impact on the next generation, yet which remains proud of its history and traditions.